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What are some of the most common misconceptions concerning family law settlements?

There are many misconceptions regarding property settlements including:

  • That I can resolve my property settlement without the Courts or lawyers.
  • You don’t need to do a property settlement unless you own a house.
  • I owned it before the relationship therefore it’s mine, free from any claim from my ex-partner.
  • My name is not on the Title of the house or mortgage and therefore I have no rights to the house.
  • I worked hard in this business and it’s mine free from any claim from my ex-partner.
  • I’ll lose my right to bring a claim for a property settlement if I leave the home.
  • I get to keep my inheritances and gifts I received free from any claim from my ex-partner.
  • Being a stay at home mum isn’t valued and is not factored into a claim for property settlement.

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